My newest venture into the world of blockchain, machine learning and AI. SYNTH was conceived to service clients in emerging tech. The design needed to be forward thinking. Beginning with the logo—it challenges the user to complete the shapes.

Creative Direction   |    Illustration

masternode me

Logo for a Blockchain venture. Masternode Me aims to provide the average investor the ability to purchase a portion of a masternode running on a ERC-20 (Ethereum) blockchain. Ideas range from using a dominant letter form to abstractions with cubes to signal blockchain tech. 


Creative Direction   |    Design



Hallie's life was tragically cut short...but that didn't stop her from trying to change the world. Hallie's parents created "Love, Hallie" to continue their daughter's quest to make an impact on the youth of today.


Creative Direction   |   Layout   |   Illustration

festival of trees & lights


Inspired by a set of vintage coasters, this design was created for the Blank Children's Hospital Annual Event. The design worked flawlessly across all channels. Because of its simple structure, it could be altered to fit any configuration plus, was simple to animate.


Creative Direction   |   Illustration


I did not get to submit the winning design, but I did come away with new knowledge about this organization and all they do for the our state and local communities. Logo is based on the original that was created in 1926.

Creative Direction   |   Illustration